Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here comes Chicago's Promoters' Ordinance (again) - People Get Ready!

The Chicago Promoters Ordinance is about to rear it's ugly head(once again) and according to Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun-Times, "Once again, however, the law is not being made available for public scrutiny, and no public hearings are scheduled to seek input from musicians, music lovers and indie concert promoters."

For those unfamiliar with this proposed law, it has been called:

"... unconstitutional."
- Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Professor of Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law

"... will pretty much drop a bomb on Chicago's independent music community, if not nuke it entirely."
- Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Sun-Times

"I cannot imagine a major metropolitan city, a world class city with the stature of Chicago having an ordinance like this on the books. It's frankly embarrassing ..."
Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

For more info, JaGoFF and filmed the documentary,
"Chicago's Promoters' Ordinance Kills Independent Music"

... and the video documenting follow-up
Q&A forum discussions with Law Professor, Henry H. Perritt

On March 6th, we will be participating in an another open forum discussion and film screening during "Free Speech First Friday" at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music. We encourage EVERYONE to attend. Jim DeRogatis, Andrea Bunch and Shawn Campbell of CHIRP (Chicago's Independent Radio Project) will also be participating in the discussion.

More response to the Chicago Promoters Ordinance:

"... a threat to the creative communities throughout the country and sets a very dangerous precident - as one city goes, so goes another. Rinse and repeat."

"this really has a chilling effect..."
Shawn Campbell, CHIRP [Chicago Independent Radio Project]

"The ordinance will reduce the amount of music in Chicago, make events more expensive for consumers, dampen the large and growing economic engine that is Chicago music, and create a much less supportive business climate for Chicago's small music business community."
- The Chicago Music Commission


You can contact the Mayor's Office, your Alderman, etc. at Even if you are not from Chicago please contact the city and let them know how misguided this proposal is.

Please repost this and help to spread the word.

200 Lincolns Closing Reception & Future Version 1.0

This Friday, February 27th, marks the closing reception of the "200 Lincolns" exhibit at The Chicago Art Department (JaGoFF participated in the showing by unvieling two new pieces). Opening night was ridiculous, we have never seen such an amazing turn-out for an "art" exhibit and the room was at capacity thru much of the evening. If you missed it, you have one last chance to check out the exhibit on Friday. Final viewing is from 6Pm - 8PM, at which point the lights go down and the music and video begin with Future Version 1.0 (which will feature an evening full of VJ/DJ showcases). JaGoFF is not going to be performing any music, but many of our good friends will be. We invite you all to come and take part in the fun. It's sure to be a great night!

CAD is located in Chicago's Pilsen Art District @ 1837 S. Halsted.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chicago Re-Invents Itself ...

From the "City of Big Shoulders" to the "City of Big Brother". Perhaps Chicago can learn a few more new tricks from the UK boilerplate.

Here's a great idea how about we put surveillance cameras in the Mayor's and all the aldermen's offices running 24/7 and publicly available? Maybe we could even listen to all meetings and phone calls too? That would probably help to fight crime and make the city a safer place.

"Feeling safe" is obviously more important than actually being safe. If these cameras would keep us safe from cancer, foreclosure, pollution, corruption, and/or losing your job and paying a living wage, etc. - rather than being akin to taking your picture on a rollercoaster at an amusement partk, then yeah. Until they work that one out - no thank you.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Video coverage of the "200 Lincolns" art exhibit at the Chicago Art Department w/ JaGoFF by (the one and only) Nurse Mika Fakeblood

It took two days (daze), but we have fully recouperated from the (capacity) crowd at Friday night's "200 Lincoln" exhibit at the Chicago Art Department. Sexy Nurse Mika Fakeblood was there in all of her glory, documenting it all guerrilla style and was kind enough to post the video "200 Lincolns: Don't Knock the Hustle". Enjoy, we did.

Nurse Miks's take:
"Mika FakeBlood partied with Illinois favorite dead President Gorrilla- style. 200 artworks celebrated Lincoln's Birthday at the Chicago Art Department 2nd Friday Gala. (This Sexy Nurse might bring anyone back to life) However in order to erect the dead 200 artists came together. Jagoff was more than happy to share Abraham and the Two Thieves with the packed house. Mika FakeBlood is more than Happy to wrap the evening up for you! Can Illinois say Crucifixion? It could get messy! But there weren't any cops????? ... Political Satire: with all due respect Mr.President you have been cloned! Expect nothing less from Jagoff."

Many thanks to everyone for showing such amazing support. The evening was incredible. If you didn't catch the art show, we posted the JaGoFF submissions "Abraham and the Two Thieves" & "Lincoln Bicentennial Commemorative Stamp" in our photo section. You can view them here. Too much damn fun.

We are editing our pix and should have them up later on this evening.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Podcasts from the "What's the Future for Musicians? Summit by the Future of Music Coalition

The Future of Music Coalition just posted podcasts from their "What's the Future for Musicians Seminar" held at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk (back in September). We were in attendance and took part in a few of the discussions and can tell you first hand that it is well worth your while to take the time to download, listen and learn from them. In addition to the Chicago Summit, they have also posted the podcasts from the NYC Summit. Download them all. Good stuff.

Podcasts of Panels and Topics of discussion include:
(Chicago Sessions)
Music 2.0: How musicians can use technologies to promote and distribute their work
Health Insurance Advice for Musicians
New Revenue Review
The Greening of Music
Special conversation with the Numero Group
What is Net Neutrality, and why is it important for musicians

(New York Sessions)
Music 2.0: How musicians can use technologies to promote and distribute their work
Health Insurance Advice for Musicians
New Revenue Review
International Touring
What is Net Neutrality, and why is it important for musicians?
Policy Overview
Creative License: A Conversation About Music, Sampling and Fair Use

On a bit of a side note, many of the interviews that we conducted for our documentary, "Chicago's Promoters' Ordinance Kills Independent Music" were shot there. If you haven't yet seen the documentary, you can find it here.


Support Independent Music or be force-fed CRAP!

Below are some pix of the event:

Chicago Promoters' Ordinance: An Open Panel Discussion (Video)

On Dec., 20th, 2008, JaGoFF was invited to screen their documentary "Chicago's Promoters' Ordinance Kills Independent Music" at the Chicago Art Department. Following the screening was held Q&A panel discussion in regard to the proposed ordinance, it's implications and current state.

All those in attendence represented many various disciplines in Chicago's Independent art community, and it was wonderful to see all of us coming together under one common cause. If you have not seen the documentary, you can find it here. If you have already seen it, enjoy the panel discussion. As with the documentary, it is licensed under the Creative Commons, so please fell free to download it, burn it and share it. We need all of the help that we can get.

Featured panel speakers:
Henry H. Perritt, Jr. - Law Professor & Former Dean Chicago-Kent College of Law
Sir Real (JaGoFF) - Film Producer
Mofo (JaGoFF) - Film Producer
and Chicago's independent arts community.

Presented by JaGoFF &

For more background information on this backward ordinance visit
or let your voice be heard by visiting:

Special thanks to Chicago Art Department, 3pHaZe, Fearless Radio and to all of those in the community who are doing something about this mess. Licensed under the Creative Commons.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

JaGoFF commemorates Lincoln in Chicago Art Department's "200 Lincolns" Exhibit 02/13/09

In commemoration of the 200th bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birthday, JaGoFF is taking part in Chicago Art Department's "200 Lincolns" exhibit on Feb, 13th (1837 S. Halsted, 6PM - 10PM).

We've submited two pieces entitled, "Abraham and the Two Thieves" and "The Lincoln Bicentennial Commemorative Stamp (Truth in Advertising Series)". Come out and join us for the opening, it's going to be a good one.

"Abraham and the Two Thieves"
by JaGoFF

Modeled after the biblical story of Jesus and the Two Thieves, "Abraham and the Two Thieves" features a benevolant and stoic Lincoln hanging from a cross of surveillance cameras and crucified in an Illinois cornfield.

Having died for the sins of our nation, Lincoln saved the union - he stands deified and is flanked by the two thieves (protrayed by Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan), who both hang in defiance and glare at Lincoln in jealousy and shame.

In the background of the crucifiction scene are peppered a half-dozen nuclear reactor cooling towers. Artwork dimensions 28 x 22(mixed media)

The Lincoln Bicentennial Commemorative Stamp
(Truth in Advertising Series) by JaGoFF

From the Truth in Advertising Presidential Series, this stamp commemorates Abraham Lincoln's suspension of Habeas Corpus in 1861.
Artwork dimensions 8 x 10(mixed media)

We dropped the art off at the set-up party on Friday and were really impressed by the work that folks were submiting. Below we have posted some pix of the set-up party (with captions of course). We look forward to seeing you on Feb. 13th opening. It is taking place during "Second Fridays" so it should be a great time. Funk yeah!

We arrive at CAD to drop off our work to find many others doing the same.

JaGoFF's Mofo admires the many other Lincoln submissions.


The mounting and framing of "Abraham and the Two Thieves"