Saturday, March 11, 2006

Why WE LOVE music!

As if you needed one more reason not to sign a record "deal" - here is another and yet another. It is unbelievable how folks are still grasping for the non-existent brass ring. JaGOFF has been approached by half a dozen labels in the last couple of years and have not even come close to finding a reason to even consider it a viable option. I mean, what's the point?

They always approach us under the guise of "you're gonna be huge." and "you are the next big thing." only to be followed by boilerplate contracts signing over exclusive worldwide rights, our copyrights, our publishing, our merch, domain and digital rights. All so that they can give us a loan in exchange for our decades worth of ball-busting work. If we want a loan we will go to the bank and still retain ALL ownership of our work.

It cracks me up, everybody that I know that has signed a so-called "deal" is at least a half-million in debt (if they are lucky). They play all the same venues we play, travel by the means of transportation and stay in the same hotels. The only difference being, they no longer own their own music and are locked into a contract for recordings that - if they ever are released, are never going to be properly promoted and end up sitting on a shelf. What a "deal".

Yeah, gotta love it.

Support indie music or be force-fed crap.