Tuesday, January 10, 2006

When Theft Serves Art

Here is a refreshing read from Wired about the Andy Worhol foundation ... In this age of militant corporate copyright protectionism (ie RIAA vs the world ) it is great to see a true artist (who built his ideas based on that which preceeded him) fostering the advancement of future art works. An idea that seems to have long been lost in the last decade or two. All art, music, etc... is built on past works. . If it were not for blues, you wouldn't have rock or r&b, funk, soul, hip-hop, house, electo and yes EVEN emo. In any event give a peep.

Support Indie Music or be Force-fed Crap.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Sad Day for Soul

Yesterday was an extremely sad day for the world of soul/gospel and the city of Chicago, as we suffered two great losses...

The landmark Pilgrim Baptist Church, which was the birthplace of gospel music (which gave birth to soul ), burned to the ground along with it went the memories of the father of gospel... Thomas A. Dorsey , Mahalia Jackson , James Cleveland among many others. If you ever saw the Blues Brothers , the scene of Jake doing summersalts down the isle with the good Rev. James Brown and Chaka Khan was supposed to take place inside the church.

Beyond being culturally significant The building was also architectually important and was designed by Louis Sullivan and designated a national landmark in 1981.

On Friday we also said good-bye to one of the sweetest voices in Chicago soul, Lou Rawls ... the silky one. You will be greatly missed.

Heaven just got a bit more funky.