Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Is that a hard drive in your pocket?

A recent study, shows that people are spending more time with their computers than they do with their spouse ... looks like things are about to get even better for those seeking to strengthen the bonds of their relationship.

Happy Valentine's Day by the way, better get back to that hot date.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Obscenity at it's finest ...

Here's one of the more obscene items of the day, our friends in the record industry are letting us know that we should be thankful for their generosity. According to the men behnind the curtain, if adjusted for inflation, we - the great unwashed, should be paying upwards of $30 for a CD. Funny how, when it comes to the artist, that "adjusted for inflation" thing seems to work in the opposite direction.

Now that it has become standard music business practice to sue your customer base ( over 18,000 served , thus far) while those who legally purchase product are punished, or at best are stuck with product which sports copy protection and is locked up tighter than a misquito's ass.

Nevermind the fact that the CD, now over a quarter century old, is well past it's expiratioin date. Nevermind the fact that, inferior sound quality, digital music downloads and ringtones sales have been skyrocketing - and generate nothing but PURE PROFIT for the label (beyond the recording and marketing costs - there are no manufacturing, production, printing, inventory, returns, vinyl breakage, shipping or distribution costs). One digital copy is as good as 100 million. Nevermind the fact that the artist, on the label sees pennies per download - if they are lucky (which, of course, all goes back to the label to recoup "costs" and expenses ).

Unfortunately, we are in a climate of pre-fab garbage, where artistic expression, by and large, is null and void ... where the main concern in "the industry" is now, "Can I sell this as a ringtone?". For the independent and depending on the situation - this can be a very different story indeed ...

With today's technology, there is nothing holding an artist back that has the balls (or ovaries) to do it on their own terms - it is simply, the decision to go DIY rather than becoming an indentured servant. Both artist and listener deserve far better than that. It is happening by inches every day. There is nothing stopping someone from creating a masterpiece in their bedroom and instantly turning around and selling hundreds of thousans of units and reaping the rewards, while giving the listener something that is worth spending their hard-earned money - but more importantly, investing their precious time.

When mass culture wakes up and realizes that they are being brainwashed by a corporate culture that sells them brand name "performers" on the morning & evening news, who are more talented at flashing their genitals in public than creating something worth listening value, maybe things will change. For now, we have reached a new high in low and anything less is status quo.

Alright, enough of the ranting.

You can thank these folks for the inspiration for today's dive off of the deep end.

As always ...
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'nuff said. Indeed.