Thursday, May 18, 2006

Planet of the Apes

A new study asks the question, "Did chimp and human ancestors interbreed?". I guess you could always ask a monkey, although, it depends which one you ask.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Public Outrage !!!!

In today's cest pool of cloned corporate controled radio , there are already far too few things on the airwaves worth listening to. One major breath of fresh air, in our neck of the weeds, is our PUBLIC radio station WBEZ (NPR), which has been enriching the Chicago-area AND THE WORLD with an amazing line-up of shows and programing featuring: Blues, Soul, Jazz, Latin, World and new music - ever since I can remember.

Well, now I have received word that our PUBLIC RADIO station, now plans to ditch ALL MUSIC programing and move to an ALL TALK format.

In all likelihood, if it were for not WBEZ's program "Blues Before Sunrise ", our musical project, JaGoFF would not exist. It was thru this show and others, that exposed me at a very young age, to impossible to find blues and soul music - which, in turn, led me to the FUNK. (Without blues or jazz, funk, hip hop, rock, house or any other form of modern music - simply WOULD NOT EXIST).

Not only is it outrageous for a PUBLIC RADIO station to cut it's music programing - what makes it even more disgusting is that it is a Chicago public radio station. "Home of the Blues ", one of the " Cradles of Jazz ", " Birthplace of Gospel ", " Birthplace of Soul " and "Birthplace of House". To decide to pull this ONLY EXTENSION OF PUBLIC ENRICHMENT IS AN ABSOLUTE SIN and spits in the face of it's debt to the city and the world.

Whether you are from Chicago or any other part of the world, I ask you to PLEASE WRITE IN THE STATIONS ONLINE FORUM and SIGN THE PETITION to stop this from happening. Without the PUBLIC airwaves and independent radio all that is left is sewage. Thank you so very much.

Here is a brief list of progams being cut:

Blues Before Sunrise - THE blues music showcase that shaped my musical life.

Extensions - an adventurous music progam supporting indie and great music in general.

Dick Buckley's Jazz - one of the finest jazz programs in existence

Coming Home - simply one of the best blues showcases airing today.

Encanto Latino - Latin music showcase

Passport - World music showcase

Afropop Worldwide - one of the finest

Afro pop programs bar none.

among others....

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Check out this HOTTIE !!!

This one begs the question, " Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?".
You know the story.

Why didn't we think of this??? Damn.

This is one of the best stunts we have seen in a long while: Improv Everywhere assembled together 80 folks dressed in blue shirts and khaki pants and went into Best Buy to be friendly to people and help them. Of course, chaos ensues. Their site has totally f-ing hilarious photos and videos documenting the episode.